Find here definitions for the most used terms in Affiliate Marketing and GoWild Partners' program payment details that concern you. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly dedicated Account Manager.


Affiliate Link – A URL tracking link that identifies the affiliate and sends traffic to the merchant's web site.

Revenue Share – commission plan used in affiliate marketing in which the affiliate receives a certain percent of the amount deposited and lost by the players he brings.

CPA (Cost Per Action) - The amount of cost for a conversion such as a sale or lead.

Hybrid – commission plan consisting of a combination between revenue share deal and CPA deal.

Charge-back - An invalid sale that results in the affiliate's commission being forfeited.

Casino Gross Win – amount representing money that was deposited by the players, brought to the Casino by the affiliate, and lost in the Casino's favor.

Casino Net Win - Gross Win minus Progressive Contributions (progressive games only) minus Non-Cash Items (bonuses) minus Fraud (chargebacks).


GoWild Partners pays affiliate earnings for the current month at the beginning of the following month. The amount of time necessary for the money to reach you is different from one payment method to the other. We provide the fastest payout for you!
We bring to your attention that the revenue share commission plan implies that the minimum amount found in your balance at the end of the month, has to be at least $200 in order for us to release your earnings. If this threshold is not reached, your earnings will be carried to the next month until the minimum is earned. Please read our T&C for more details.


Receiving your earnings was never easier! As an Affiliate for GoWild Partners you can set your payment method from the “Account” section after you login. You can choose from Bank Wire and eCash. Among the eCash options you will find Neteller, ECOCard, Skrill. All payments will be made in Euro.
If you encounter difficulties in setting your PMOP, please contact us, we will gladly help you.


No Negative Carryover means that if the net profit of your affiliate account is in the negative at the end of any given month, the next month you start “fresh” – you don’t carry the negative balance over.
However, we also deduct chargebacks from the net win, and in this case if your balance goes on minus, it will be carried over to the next month. This happens because chargebacks are categorized as being fraud costs.